Work: New Conceptualism

New Conceptualism is not New Conceptualism. It is Neither Conceptualism. But it is, sometimes, wrongly called New Conceptualism and that name is perhaps the more accessible.

What is it? What is it about?

Geoff Bunn and Marc Bergerman - along, to a lesser extent, with Anna H - founded New Conceptualism in the late 1990's. It was and is both a reaction against Conceptualism and a homage to Conceptualism.

In the first place, it is a reaction against the incomprehensibility and - consequent perception of - the irrelevance of 'traditional' Conceptual art. But allied to this there is an immediate acknowledgment that such a lack of understanding lies not within the art itself - but within the art world, the art environment or, as Bergerman puts it, within the "hushed reverence of the art gallery". As Bunn once said, "If someone were to place a book written in Greek in front of me, I would have no idea what that book was about. And yet, so they tell me, this is Homer. A great thing. What, then, am I to say when confronted with such a thing?"

So it is not Conceptualism or Conceptual art which is at fault. But, to use Bunn's metaphor, it is the foolish mistake of presenting a work written in foreign language to people who do not speak that language. And for that, Bunn, Bergmeran, Hanski and others blame the art world. The establishment.

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