Influences: Hjalmar Soderberg

Hjalmar Emil Fredrik Söderberg (2 July 1869 - 14 October 1941) was a Swedish novelist, playwright, poet and journalist. His work often encircle melancholy and lovelorn characters, and inject a rich portrayal of contemporary Stockholm through the eyes of the flaneur. Söderberg is greatly appreciated in his native country, and is sometimes considered to be the equal of August Strindberg.

Life and writing

Born in Stockholm, Söderberg began his literary course at the Swedish news daily Svenska Dagbladet, age 20. Six years later his first novel was released, Förvillelser (Delusions, 1895), written from the viewpoint of a young dandy aimlessly idling in the capital, recklessly squandering money and love. The sombre yet reflective and insightful story would prove symptomatic for much of Söderbergs output. Subsequent to the release of Historietter (Anecdotes, 1898), a collection of twenty short stories, his next major work - Martin Bircks Ungdom (Martin Birck's Youth, 1901) - was released. Much alike Förvillelser in terms of its vivid environmental depiction and acute perception, it follows the circumstances of a young amateur poet. Söderbergs next novel, by some considered his masterpiece, was Doktor Glas (Doctor Glas, 1905). In a frightful tale of vengeance and passion, Söderberg stays true to his dissociating yet emotionally poignant writing style.

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