Introduction: Geoff Bunn

Born in Birmingham, England in the 1960’s, Geoff Bunn initially trained as an Engineer and Technical Designer before returning to the British collegiate system wherein he studied Philosophy and Cognitive Science - before ultimately turning down the chance of a PhD at the University of Bath.

New Conceptualism

Primarily an artist-philosopher, and so perhaps naturally attracted to Conceptualism, Bunn travelled widely during the mid-1990’s and it was during this period, most notably in scandinavia whilst painting ever larger canvasses, that he met other artists with whom he formed what came to be known as New Conceptualism.

In fact the title 'New Conceptualism' was a misnomer: Geoff Bunn and fellow artist Marc Bergerman agreed that the theory behind their work was "not Expressionist. Nor conceptualist". In Swedish, however, being the language in which they drew up their ideas, the latter part of this phrase was 'Ni (Nor) Conceptualist' which Bunn mis-pronounced as 'NY (new) conceptualist' when talking to an art critic. The art critic therefore took Bunn to be referring to his ideas as 'New Conceptual'. And the label stuck.

Unfound Work

Bunn's work then took a different direction. Adopting some of the ideas he had formulated with Bergerman - and combining those quite naturally with his vehement dislike of the "very cliquey, very closed art world" - Bunn created 27 (or 28) pieces of art which he "left somewhere, unfound, in different places". He then set about producing sets of Clues as to the nature and whereabouts of these objects. And, over some years, this Unfound work and the 'Clues' to it's nature has been his main artistic occupation.

Current Work

Today Geoff Bunn lives in rural France where, in addition to formulating the last of the 'Clues' for the 'Unfound' art, and painting he has begun to spend time on a new art project which takes an unusual look at the contemporary art scene. This work is introduced on his website. He is also working on projects about current global events. And more of the award winning series interior landscapes

Geoff Bunn Art & Artist

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